The Punjabi singer Shubh insulted India, and BoAt promptly removed him from their brand!

BoAt Cancels Shubh’s Show in India: The highly acclaimed Punjabi singer, Shubh, recently faced the cancellation of his Mumbai show. Notably, Shubh had previously shared a controversial map of India on his Instagram story, omitting Punjab and Kashmir as part of the country. Consequently, he now finds himself at the centre of nationwide protests, and his live show in Mumbai, originally slated for September 23rd to 25th, has been called off.

Shubh’s complete name is Shubhneet Singh, and the repercussions of insulting India have been substantial for him. The ticketing for his Mumbai show was managed by BookMyShow, and the company has announced that all ticket holders will receive refunds.

People Are Strongly Protesting In Mumbai:

Shubh’s live show was to be held in Mumbai from 23rd to 25th September but before that, in Mumbai strong protests started because of his Instagram story. Members of Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) had started protesting against Punjabi singer Shubh from Saturday and started removing his posters from wherever they were.

People On Social Media Were Very Upset:

Many people on Twitter said that those who disrespect India should not be allowed to stay in India.

Sponsors also backed out:

Because of the protests against Shubh in Mumbai and on social media, the company that was sponsoring him, ‘BoAt,’ decided to end their partnership with him even before his show got canceled.
BoAt explained their decision like this: ‘We deeply value our connection with the music community and take pride in being a truly Indian brand. Therefore, when we learned about Shubh’s comments earlier this year, we chose to stop supporting his tour.

After this, many big stars like Virat Kohli, Hardik Pandya also unfollowed Shubh from Instagram and now Punjabi singer Shubh’s Mumbai show has been cancelled. Shubh had uploaded the controversial map of India on his Instagram at a time when Punjab Police had started its mission to arrest Khalistan supporter Amritpal Singh across Punjab.

Shubh is clarifying his story on a Instagram Post:

After all of this his is clarifying his story through Instagram. He wrote very emotional post by mentioning that he never had an intend to hurt anyone sentiments.

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