Do Assam People Eat Dogs? Kya Assam Ke Log Dog Khate Hai? Why People feel Very Insulting Question ?

Do assam people eat dogs?

No. this is a very big myth. As Assamese people, we don’t like this type of stereotypes .

Assamese Thali

Why This Myth?

People from other state are very curious about this, there many controversy came out recently. People are really curious. Do Assam people eat dogs? This question is in everyone’s mind of people from other state. There some political controversies are there. We will be discussing the myth, that assam people really eat dogs or not?

Another Veg Thali Of Assam.

Where is assam:-

Assam is a located in northeast india. A very beautiful state by nature and culture. We are rich in culture. we have good taste in folk music, traditional Dance ( mainly Bihu), languages, Various cuisines. Assam is known as gate way of northeast.

Assam Main food:

Food is a very important culture of any state or country. In assam, here people posses very tasty and different food. Assam foods are very simple but its better in taste. People from assam eats non veg mostly , They eat fish mostly , and they like to eat boiled food, less oily food, and very spicy. People from assam eat too much spicy as they have special chilli available in their state name called vut jolokia. Here is description of assamese thali:

Steamed Rice – Bhaat

Dal – Daali

Haak vaaji – Green leafy vegetables

Fish Curry – Masor anja

Mangkhor jul – Chucken curry

Smashed potato – aloo pitika

Maas Pitika – steamed fish smashed

Do people from assam really eat dogs?

It’s a big no. Other northeast state like Nagaland some people eat dogs but that’s not legal. Not all people from Nagaland eat dogs, only a few people.

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